Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long Day

So I went upstairs to take care of the baby and I came back down a few minutes later to find this.

Summer Fun! Or Not?

So we were so excited to go camping at the end of May at Great Sand Dunes National Park. There's no SUVing there but they have these huge sand dunes with a stream running down the middle perfect to ride a sled down on the water and for the kids to play in. We got there and spent the whole afternoon setting up the tent because of fierce winds that were whipping through the camp. So, we didn't have a chance to play that day. The next morning this is what we woke up to. 1 inch snow flakes! So much for that. Maybe next year.

Isaac's First day of Preschool

So here it starts, the first of the First Day of School pictures. Isaac was so excited to wear his new backpack. It has pocket in it that you can put a cell phone. So, he has decided we now need to get him one.

Meeting their brother for the first time

Our Newest Edition

Carsten Lawrence Nielsen
Born: Monday, August 4th 2008 6:17 am
7lbs 8oz.
19 3/4 inches tall

Isaac ran up to Jacci as soon as she walked out of the temple for one of her famous hugs. Don't they both look so cute!